Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

The community built within the walls of Seacoast Church have always been faithful to use their skills and experience to help others when they need it most.

As a Spanish teacher who traveled every day to five different schools, Andonia relied on her car. But when her car’s battery rusted to the frame, she was told she needed a new vehicle. Since that wasn’t an option for her, she carried a portable recharger with her everywhere. When Seacoast announced an offer to help single mothers with car repair assistance, her son said, “You need to call them, Mom.”

So Andonia filled out the form and Seacoast extended the help she needed. A miracle worker mechanic got that battery out—breaking and welding the frame back together so she could continue to work.

Upon hearing Adonia’s story, several Seacoast members worked together to provide her with a brand new car, which was presented to her during a weekend service.

“My son reminded me that I needed to be okay with asking and receiving,” Andonia said. “So I’d like to say to all the other single moms out there, you are worthy. You are strong. But accept help graciously. You’ll get your chance to pay it forward.”

In May 2017, the Seacoast Auto Ministry had a special event for single moms in need of car care. The response was great! We had 17 mothers bring in their vehicles for basic repairs, replacements, and referrals.

The Seacoast Auto Ministry has a volunteer roster of nearly 50 people, who meet once a month to work on cars. During our Saturday car care days, you can often find over a dozen people working on vehicles together.

In 2016, we completed approximately 50 oil changes, 12 brake jobs, and diagnosed and completed over 55 simple maintenance and repair jobs.

In addition, approximately 15 more complicated repairs were done, like O2 sensor and catalytic convertor replacement. Our attendees continue to imagine a future where we serve our local community literally where the rubber meets the road.

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